Call us Free for Room Bookings at The Raintree

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The Raintree group of Hotels
famous for their social conscious concepts has acquired the inbound business calling solution for their website. The group has hotels with innovative concepts that provide the guests with the best possible living experience in a very environmental friendly manner. The staffs at The Raintree Hotels are trained to provide the customers with unparalleled style, comfort and luxury and also maintain the environmental balance outside at the same time. One of the leading developers in South India, Ceebros, ventured into the hospitality arena in Chennai with The Raintree Hotels with an aim to bring a breath of fresh air to the hospitality industry.

Call us Free for Room Bookings at The Raintree

Team Waybeo came up with BounzD with an aim to change the way customers approach companies. This similarity in aim and thought process made the relationship of BounzD and The Raintree inevitable. Team BounzD is looking forward to the relationship to come up with many new ideas that will also benefit the environment in a positive manner.

Team BounzD welcomes The Raintree to the family and is looking forward to a long partnership in the future.

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