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When we started selling Bounzd to our first set of customers, making the website a lead generating machine was the primary goal for most of them. And it was really inspiring for us to hear from them that, Bounzd turned around their online sales in a few days.

It proved giving live assistance to online visitors can clear their doubts and can convert them to leads.

Bounzd is an inbound calling solution envisioned to replace numbers displayed online with Track-able widgets. A few of our customers used Bounzd outside their website as well, in all possible marketing channels. The increase in number of leads or calls generated was stunning.

Some of the strategies mentioned here will definitely help your brand to get more visits, leads and calls without investing on expensive marketing channels.

Most of the strategies explained in this blog are based on the inbound marketing thought processes. For doing business online inbound marketing is the most effective method since 2007. It is all about creating contents to share, which you customers would need. The contents can be in the form of a tweet, an article, an image, a blog, or a Facebook post, an infographic or anything.

Here is the first tip in the series which can definitely increase the number of enquiries you get via Bounzd.



There is no doubt Google Pay per Click Ads (PPC) are one of the fastest and effective lead generation tool, currently available in web. But due to its huge success, the keywords are highly competitive and it is very difficult to get the user to reach our website, as the resellers or other affiliates advertise for the same brand as well.

A sample search result showing google Ads without Click to call

Considering the example of a leading player in the Indian hospitality segment “The Lalit Hotels” here. If you search the keyword “5star luxury hotels in Delhi” in Google, the competition is less comparing with a  more direct keyword “The Lalit room booking”. In the second case, the Search page is filled with PPC ads by other affiliates or resellers like, and To get the user reach directly to the hotel’s website is a real challenge.

For these types of keywords, where conversion chances are very high, you can use Bounzd Live call link using Google Site Links Ad extensions as shown in the  second image below.

Google search result with Click to Call


Placing Call us free Buttons in Image/Banner Ads

On the same lines, you can place Bounzd “Call us free” buttons or Click to call links in your image/banner ads as well. Have a look at some examples below.

Sample 2 – Image Ads with types of Bounzd Live Call Buttons

Sample 3 – Text Ad with 'Live Call' option as main link

Setting up this Live call facility within Google Ads or other online Ads is very easy using Bounzd.

1. Create a campaign widget for a particular ad campaign inside Bounzd.

2. Login to your Bounzd  Account. Go to Campaign Widgets >> Click Create New. Give your destination URL and get the new URL for placing in your Ad campaigns.

How to create Bounzd URL for click to call campaigns

3. Creatively use different contents to show the calling option inside Google Ads. You can use Google site links as shown in the second image or even the title of the Ad can be changed accordingly as shown in the image Sample3.

4. The click on the campaign URL will take the customer/visitor to the destination URL with Bounzd pop-up opened, prompting the visitor to initiate the call. The website in the background should be visible under translucent color themes. (If you select the Modal Window option)

5. Make sure the destination URL contains the bounzd script for this to work.


For those who are new to Bounzd, Click here to Sign up and get your free trial account.

If you need any kind of assistance in setting up campaign widgets for your Google PPC Ads, go to or mail to If you are an enterprise user of Bouznd, contact your dedicated support person to get it done.


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